About Me

My Name is Tiffany Williams I am A model and style blogger from sunny San Diego, California. I have been a model for a while and have experience in runway, print, have done TV fashion segments, and the list goes on! I started blogging to share behind the scenes moments that a lot of people don't get to see. I also love beauty and fitness. I share my journey on how I stay fit and share my favorite fashion looks and beauty items. I call my blog Glitz and Glam, because a lot of people think that models all have glamorous lives and don't really know how hard it is, and what it actually takes. I want to show other women that you can be beautiful in your own way. It is ok to be different and to love yourself for the things that God has given to you. I want to also be a role model for younger models by sharing my journey, and hopefully help someone else follow their own passions and dreams. With hard work and dedication you can do anything that you want to do!

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Twitter: @Supa_starT

Instagram: @Glitzandglambytiff

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