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This is one of my last style posts of the year and one thing that I want to bring more of in 2019 is styling more looks in multiple ways. I did a few polls on my instagram (follow me @glitzandglambytiff) recently and asked what some of your favorite content is… one of the answers was styling looks in more than one way. Believe it or not I style things all the time in my daily life more than one way, so it makes sense to help you all with items that you already have. You don’t always have to follow trends and have all the latest things in your closet. Staple pieces that you can wear more than one way is more important in my opinion. The next time you go shopping think to yourself “Can I wear this more than once??”. If your answer is NO!!! Put it down!! Don’t buy it! It will be a waste of your time.

Any way I bought a skirt recently on Sale at Target and I thought that it would be fun to put a few looks together and share how I styled it in 2 ways. I’ve actually worn this skirt a few times already, so I will definitely be getting quite a bit of wear and use out of it. Ohhhhh!!! By the way if you haven’t been to Target in a while and haven’t seen their newer collections, ummmm you are sleeping (haha). A New Day and Wild Fables are my favorite collections right now from there. They are both worth taking a peek at the next time that you find yourself wondering through Target (just say’n).

Check out the 2 ways that I styled my skirt below and there is also a video so you can see the looks in action as well.

Image 12-29-18 at 1.39 PM.jpg

Look #1


Top: Luvvul (Knot Sisters)

Luvvul is an app that I just started working with lately and they have fun unique pieces from a lot of independent brands. You can style yourself or be styled by a stylist. It’s your choice!! I have put together some looks there that you can shop from right now. Check it out and see what catches your eye!!

See more on the app here >>>> https://luvvul.com

Boots: I bought them for $10 at the 10 dollar mall. I’m not even sure if that is the name anymore. I believe it is Forever Deals now… There are a few in my area in San Diego and they sale a bunch of different brands from different stores for a huge discount. It’s almost like thrifting, but for new items instead of gently used ones.

Look #2

Image 12-29-18 at 2.20 PM.jpg

Look Details:

top: H&M

I linked this top in other colors, because I don’t think this exact one is available any more.

Shoes: Lafayette 148

Not quite sure if these shoes are up on the site anymore. May possibly be available in one of their store locations.

Photography by: Blu Lindsey

let me know what you think and how I can help you. What keeps you inspired and what helps you the most when putting your own outfits together?