End of Summer style

The summer has flown by faster than I think I even realized!!! OMG!!! I feel like I didn’t really share as much summer fashion here as I wanted to, but hey there is always next summer right!! Any way, with summer coming to an end, I wanted to share some end of summer vibes. In So Cal summer will last until about November, so there is still time to wear crop tops and shorts. Speaking of crop tops, I have been way more in to them lately. I have always considered myself to be kind of modest in a way when it comes to the way how I dress. As I have gotten older and have worked on my body and have just worked on myself I have been more open to showing more skin recently. It is something that I have always been kind of self conscious about believe it or not. I’m not out here letting it all hang out, but hey I work out and I work hard to stay fit and healthy, so I will show off every now and then.

Ok back to style!!!!

For me this summer I have either been really dressed up or super casual when going out. When I am at work during the week I am usually in sweat pants and a t shirt (I am usually in back stocking things), so it is always fun for me to play with style outside of work.

Here are 2 of my favorite looks below…

Look details

Skirt: Terese Sydonna

Top: Femme Luxe

Shoes: Naturalizer

Bag: H&M

Belt: Cabi

I am that girl that wears boots in the summer. Boots help to bring something a little different and edgy to an outfit.

Look Details

Top, shorts and boots: H&M

Earrings: Dear Survivor

Hair Clips: Glitz and Glam by Tiff Co

What are some of your favorite pieces from this season?