Fun with Wigs and Picking the Best One For You

I am that girl that loves to have fun and style my hair in different ways often. One way that I do that is with wigs!! They are super versatile and come in so many colors and styles. You can literally be a different person everyday if you wanted to.

I know picking a wig can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin, so here are some great tips and tools below to get you started. These tip are from Check them out for more tips and tools for hair care.

Wig Buying Guide:

A wig can be a quick and easy way to change your whole appearance and gain confidence. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which wig will work best for you

Why wear a wig?


The problem with your hair is that once you commit to a style, you’re stuck with it for a while. On the other hand, wigs give you the option to change your look anytime you want. Go with a different length, cut or even color depending on what you’re wearing or feeling. Your natural look will still be there when you’re ready to go back.


It can be challenging for most people to find time to get to the hairdresser. If you want a dynamic new hairdo but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to get to the salon, a wig might be the answer.It also saves you the trouble of maintaining a complicated hairstyle that would otherwise have you infront of the mirror for a long time each morning.


Putting your real hair out there can be risky. Being exposed to the elements can do lasting damage to it and make it necessary to invest in products to restore your hair. With a wig covering your hair, however, you can keep it under wraps and protected. You’ll also save your natural hair from the effects of harsh dyes or bleach.


Having your hair done by a professional stylist can get you great results, but it can cost a prettypenny every time you want to update your look. With wigs, you only need to pay one time and you’ll always have that style ready to go whenever you need it.


Those who have thinning hair or loss of hair due to health issues may feel self-conscious when they’re in public. Wearing a hairpiece can give them greater confidence. With a full head of hair, they don’t have to feel like they’re getting attention for the wrong reasons.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair



They’re typically less expensive than wigs made from natural hair.


These types of wigs don’t last as long as humanhair, and you may not be able to use curlingirons or other styling appliances that use heat. However, they may not require as much styling.


They come in virtually any style you canimagine, as well as a wide variety of colors.


Higher-end wigs can be practically indistinguishable from natural hair in terms ofhow they look and feel.



Although there are more affordable types available, human hair is the generally pricier option.


You’ll need to do a little more to keep this wig type looking its best all the time. Nonetheless, higher-end natural hair wigscan last for a relatively long time.


Your color and style selection will be more limited if you choose this option.


Because they’re made from human hair,these wigs are as close to your natural stateas you can get.

Photo Credit: Blu Lindsey

Photo Credit: Blu Lindsey

Caring for Your Natural Hair and Scalp While Wearing a Wig

Always Remove It Before Bedtime
Sleeping in your wig means you’ll put excessive stress on your hairline, damaging your natural hair. Wear a silk scarf or bonnet to give your scalp an opportunity to breathe overnight.

Shampoo and Condition Regularly
Just because your hair is covered most of the day doesn’t mean you don’t have to give it as much attention. Wash your hair and use conditioner at least once a week to keep it clean and healthy.

Wear a Liner
A silk liner between your wig and scalp keeps your hair protected. It also helps prevent your real hair from becoming brittle.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize
Applying moisturizer before putting on your liner and wig will keep your hair soft and supple. Without enough moisture, you may experience breakages and split ends.

Re-moisturize Every Night
Before going to bed for the night, apply moisturizer to your hair so it stays nourished.