Golden Tones for Fall

This year I feel like Fall has brought out a whole new color palette in my life and I am loving it!! I love color, but sometimes I don’t really wear a ton of different colors often. There’s not a particular reason, but I think for a lot of us out there I’m sure you agree with me that we often find a color that works and just go with that for everything. Enough of that!! It is time to switch it up!!! This season for me it is all about the golden tones (orange and yellow mostly). I have several pieces in my closet currently, and I’m sure there will be more added soon.

Here’s what I have right now and where it’s from. Take a look below.

Image 11-8-18 at 12.57 PM.jpg

Cropped sweatshirt: Forever 21 (Similar style)

Image 11-8-18 at 12.51 PM.jpg

Top and Pants (here): Free People

Image 11-8-18 at 12.59 PM.jpg

Yellow Crop: Macys Backstage

Image 11-8-18 at 12.37 PM.jpg

Flannel: Amazon

Photography by: Blu Lindsey

What colors are you loving for the season?