Skin Care


This post was Originally on my other blog site, but I have had so many people ask me about it from time to time I thought I should have everyone check it out here... Skin Care has been something that is very important to me, because I have struggled with Acne for years!!! But, I have finally found something that has been working for me and hope that I can help someone else that may be struggling with Acne as well.


In this post I have decided to get a little personal, and share something that has been for several years now very touchy. I haven't really ever opened up and shared with anyone what I have gone through with my skin. I have felt like people assume with out asking questions and judge before they really know what is going on. It has been a hard road for me as a model to talk about my skin, because everyone expects PERFECTION, and if you don't have perfect skin you are NO GOOD (this is my personal feeling and I know that I haven't been booked with some people, because of it...). Anyway I am saying all of this to begin by saying I am an Acne Sufferer!!!!

It all started for me going in to Adulthood, after I graduated High School, which was strange for me and I really felt like there was really something wrong. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to think, I felt like life was over for me... Especially because I had started Modeling and I was a dancer, so I was performing and was in front of people a lot. I would often cry before leaving my house, because my breakouts would be sooo bad. I have had countless people asking me questions about what I am using, try to suggest different products to me and it was such a sensitive subject for me that sometimes I would burst in to tears, because I didn't really feel like people cared about how I felt on the inside they just looked at how I looked Outside. On the inside I really had low self esteem, I really didn't feel pretty, I became more shy and didn't really talk to much. I really didn't feel comfortable with people looking at me, and I'm sure all of this sounds crazy, because I was on stage a lot and had people looking at me all of the time. I pretended like everything was ok, and it wasn't, for years I have not been ok with my skin! I have tried every 3 step system known to man, all kinds of products for sensitive skin, ect ect... it would work for a hot minuet, but didn't last!!!!! Up until this past year I didn't really find anything that really worked for me.

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What are some ways you take care of your skin?