Makeup Review: Real Natural Beauty


I am excited, because this is my first Make Up Review.... Plus I have a Video to go with it!!!! I had the opportunity to meet a local (in San Diego,Ca) Make up line Owner that has a line of all Natural products called Real Natural Beauty! All of the Make up is made with natural oils and Minerals. There aren't any Harsh Chemicals!!! That is something that I was really Happy about, because if you have been following me and have seen my Skin Care posts.... you know I have struggled with Acne and have been going the Natural route with my Skin Care Routine. So using Natural Makeup has been helping my skin to stay clear. Using this Make up in the past couple of weeks, I notice that there is a difference with my skin after I take the make up off. I feel like my skin is able to breathe and it's not so Pore Clogging as other products are. Another thing that I loved, was the fact that there are multiple Brown Shades in Foundation color.

This Line caters to Women of Color and doesn't have that 1 color that's "Suppose" to work for every shade of Brown.

I received a Lip Stick, Mineral Powder, Concealer and Blush to test out and do a review on.

Check out my video and hear what I have to say.....

What is your favorite beauty brand?