#SetTheTrend2015 - Pleenq.com (Closed)


As a blogger, I am still new... but I have been able to work some pretty great people so far!!! I have teamed up with Pleenq.com and they are having a contest/Giveaway that is going on right now called #SetTheTrend2015!!! The prize is a MacBook Air, and it is really simple to enter and win. There are different looks that I have worn on my Instagram @Supa_starT (Follow ME!!!) that you can shop from and find similar (or exact) looks to purchase yourself. All you have to do is shop and you can Win an Amazing prize!!! Simple right :)

Here's the link to check out my items >>>> pleenq.com/supa_start

Contest ends Friday August 21th!!! So shop and enter NOW!!!


Also see how Pleenq works >>>> youtu.be/8GfKBvs53Ss

Help Me Set the Trend!!!! Happy Shopping!!!