Transitions... New Beginnings


In the past couple of weeks I have had quite a few changes in my personal life... and I feel like I am going through a major transition period that is both exciting and scary all at the same time!!! So this post will be a little more personal.  I want to talk about my Transitions and New Beginnings!!!! I am actually pretty excited and have a lot of high hopes when it comes to blogging!!! For one thing I have switched jobs, which has been both exciting and has made me so nervous all at the same time (New things are always scary at first). I Left Sea World (I worked there for 3 years in Culinary) and I am now working at H&M (I have only been there for about a Week). I left Sea World, because I never saw my self growing there and I was only there for a Pay Check... I was not happy and really didn't like being there every week. I decided to apply to H&M, because I do have a passion for fashion and wanted to be inspired again. I feel like I have been in such a slump lately, and I needed a pick me up. Fashion is something I have always seen myself growing in and I hope that working at H&M will get me the inspiration that I need to help my Blog grow!!! It's been so different being back in a Mall environment, after not being around it for a couple of years (Major adjustment). I have been a little stressed out, but I know it will get better!!!

I have a lot of new things in my head that I want to do on my Blog and YouTube channel that I want to add (little by little).  I really want my readers to be inspired by my blog and journey, and I hope that you stick around for what I have in store. Thank you everyone who has read any of my posts so far!!! The love and support means everything!!!!

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Stay tuned!!!

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