It's Been a Crazy Couple Of Weeks...


It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but it has been very eventful and fun. I have been trying to keep up with everything here on my blog, and sometimes it's hard to juggle everything between work and events. Anyway here's what's been going on...

Last week I was in 2 fashion segments for a New music Festival out here in San Diego called Kaaboo!!! It is described to be like a more Upscale Coachella, and it was held in Del Mar on the Fair Grounds. One of the Segments that I was a model for was on CBS and I had to be there at 5am!!! I was struggling (I am not a morning person)... it was so early, but it was interesting to be on the grounds while No one was there, but the cleanup crew and people who work there.

The segment was all about Festival Fashion, and it was styled by Stylist Maria Von Losch.


Up before the Sun!!!


We did 2 segments that morning... one at 5:45am and 6:45

One of the segments was outside... it was freezing!!!


The second segment was inside at one of the lounge areas. It was a pretty cool setup, but we couldn't go exploring to far...

Thank God for Clear skin!!!! I do my makeup for pretty much every segment that I am a model in and this day I put on the lightest makeup application ever!! I didn't even draw on my eyebrows... That's how tired I was.


Hanging out with Kellee and Christiana in between segments


With Stylist Maria Von Losch, Christiana and Kellee

Most of the looks can be found on


The whole morning crew at the segment with Ashley (reporter for CBS)

Also last week I had the opportunity to go to a VIP fashion event at Fashion Valley Mall (more details will be in another post). I haven't been able to attend as many events as I would like to lately, but I was excited to be able to go to this one and see people that I haven't seen in a while!!!


Look Book Live was such a fun event and I'm happy I was able to attend!!!


I love being part of the blogging community here in San Diego!!! I have made some great friends and have learned so much from them along the way :)

One More thing... I am in the process of rebuilding my portfolio, and I was finally able to do a Photo shoot!!! I haven't done a Shoot since the beginning of the year, so I was super excited!! (I will share photos soon)

Other things coming up...

Fashion Week San Diego is coming up Next week!!! I can't believe it, I feel like I was just on the runway for fashion week Last year. Any way it's going to be an exciting week, and I will be recapping everything here!!!


You can also Follow me on Snap Chat at supa_start and see my day to day activities!!!

Talk to y'all soon!!! :)