Photo Shoot with Mike Menegus


The week right before Fashion Week I did a photo shoot with Mike Menegus Photography!!! I have been wanting to keep developing my portfolio, but things haven't been going as planned, because work always seems to get in the way some how... But, I was super excited that Mike asked to shoot with me!!! I wanted to keep it simple and just do a fun shoot and have some commercial photos to add to my portfolio. We went to Balboa Park and had a great time!!! This is the second time that I have had the opportunity to work with Mike and he is very easy to work with and a lot of fun!! His turn around time for photos is also pretty quick and you don't have to wait Forever for photos!!! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!!!









This Squirrel was not shy in letting us know that we had invaded his space and interrupted his dinner... our bad we didn't know!!!

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