Bing Crosby Season Opening Day 2015


Last week on Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Bing Crosby Season Opening Day in Del Mar!!! For those who aren't familiar with Bing Crosby Season... It is a second Horse Race season that just started a couple of years ago, so if you miss the Summer Race Season then you can attend in the Fall. I personally have never been to a day at the races before, so I was excited to be able to go this season. Opening Day of Bing Crosby season is all about Glitz and Glamour (Which is right up my alley), and the theme of this race was Old Hollywood. I was a model in a fashion segment that morning with Stylist Maria Von Losch and she talked about the fashion and gave ideas of looks that could be worn on race day. There was a contest during the day, which I missed (I had to work), but the judges picked out the most glamorous, most dapper and best celebrity look a like look of the day.

When I arrived to the races I was just in time to see the last couple of races of the day, and it was interesting to see how well the Horses are taken care of, and they are fast too!! During the race you can tell which horse is the favorite and expected to win!! The Crowd goes wild!!




In the morning during The fashion segment on the CW6 San Diego with Jenna Pilant



My Look of the day styled by Maria Von Losch


The race is about to start


Which horses are up to race next??

FullSizeRender - Copy (6)

Thank you Meadsdurket for the invite and opportunity to attend Opening Day!!!

I had a fun and Glamorous experience being able to attend my first Opening day!!! It was cool seeing everything up close and Live on the Track! If you haven't had the chance to attend the races at Del Mar, you should!!

Did you attend Opening Day this season? What did you wear?