Designer Spotlight: TaSanni


I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing designers over the years and there are some that I continue to work with. TaSanni is one of those designers that I always have a great experience working with, and I got to know them last year!! I wore one of their first pieces on the runway for Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase and I met Fatsani (One of the Co-Founders of the line). She began telling me a little bit about the line and that they Manufacture all of their pieces in Africa. I thought that was very unique and different!! Most fashion companies Manufacture in different parts of Europe and Asia. They have helped different artists in different parts of Africa get jobs by working on their line, and they hope to help many others as well. TaSanni has a Kick Starter Campaign going on right now, and you can help by donating to their cause and help to provide for their business. TaSanni wants to change the lives of families in the African market, and they believe that Fashion is a great start.

Link to the Campaign and to learn more about TaSanni >>>

TaSanni's designs have amazing Fabric and great Quality!!! I just did a photo shoot with them recently, and here are a few of my Favorite photos...

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You can see more from the line at

I hope that you get to know more about TaSanni and Love them just as much as I do!!! <3