What I have been using in my hair recently

Something I haven't really shared much here on the blog yet is hair!!! I did share when I got my hair braided over the summer, but I think that's it. I want to share more soon, and I hope that is ok with you all.

For the most part I take care of my own hair. I have had professional hair cuts and get my hair trimmed from time to time, but other than that I do everything on my own. I like experimenting and have done quite a bit with my hair over the years, and having great hair products is definitely something that I think is important

I have been using quite a few new hair products lately and I want to share that with you all. My texture is Kinky Curly and I hope I can help other naturals learn about different products that are maybe pretty new.

Check out the video below... 


I have to shout out Naturally Beautiful Events, because I would not have been able to try out some of these products with out them!!! If you are in the San Diego area be on the look out for more natural hair events coming soon!!! I love connecting with the hair community and it's exciting that we finally have more events around natural hair on the west coast!

I want to share more soon about how I take care of my hair. If you have any specific questions. Please feel free to ask and I will do what I can to post on specific hair topics.