Style ideas - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

It's Valentine's day this week and I know that there are last minuet decisions that have to be made, like what you're going to wear. well I'm here to help, and hopefully make that decision a little bit easier. I know most of you would like to go out and get something completely new, but I know that you have a dress or look that you may have never worn before or can possibly reinvent right?

I have put together a couple of looks and talk about a few fun and flirty looks that can work for your day or night out on this love day!!!

I honestly have never done anything special for Valentine's Day, and if you are in the same boat it is ok. Do something nice for your self!!! Remember that you have to love being you before anyone else can do the same. Know that you are special and you don't need anyone to tell you that. I hope how ever you decide to celebrate if you do that it is amazing! <3 <3