Life with LOLA

That time of the month does not have to suck... even though most of the time it really does!!

This post is going to be a little different, and it is something that I am excited to share with you all.

Every women goes through having a period every month, and I'm sure we can all agree it is not the most comfortable thing to deal with all the time. But... what can we do it's part of life!! There's so many things out there that we all use when we are on our periods like tampons and sanitary pads, but do you know that a lot of them have harmful and harsh chemicals in them? Well it is true and as I have gotten older I have been stepping away from tampons because they can be uncomfortable and feel weird, but then I was sent LOLA and got asked to try them out. It was a definite game changer!!! 

Lola is a subscription service where you can order tampons, thin pads and liners in a way that you want. You can choose from tampons with an applicator or with out one and you can choose the size that you want from light to super. Also you choose when you would like them to be delivered to you. Sounds amazing right!!

The thing that makes LOLA different from any other brand of tampons and pads that I have used is that their products are all natural and don't contain any additives or chemicals. I honestly didn't know how different it would feel and I also didn't realize that a lot of tampons are really not that great as far as our health is concerned. The cotton in a LOLA tampon is a lot fluffier, I didn't feel uncomfortable having a tampon in my body and it was not hard to take out and change. It seems that my body agreed more with this product than any other that I have used in the past. I don't think many people share with women how some products that we use can actually hurt us. I feel like some times vaginal health is not something that is discussed very often and it is something to think about, because it is important. It is something that should be talked about more often!!

I am honestly so happy that I had the opportunity to try out LOLA and I am able to share my experience with you all. I hope that you too will think about what you are putting in to your body and thinking about the effects that it may have on you. 

Want to learn more? Check out and also receive 60% off of your first order by using code GLITZ when making a purchase from now until 3/31. 

Health in general is so important, and taking care of your V is something that should be important as well. If you decide to try out LOLA let me know. tell me what you think. :)

Talk to you soon!!