Spring Style Haul

Warmer weather = Wardrobe change

So I've done a little bit of shopping lately, and thought I should do a quick haul for you all and show how I have decided to style a couple of pieces as well. I have been on a roll lately with including videos, so I have another one. There are 2 parts!! Part 1 I am showing what I got and Part 2 is the style video part. If you don't want to hear me talk... you can just skip to the end and see what looks I styled. I will be doing other posts and of course adding photos to my IG (@Glitzandglambytiff) of other looks that I may have shown, but haven't quite put it together yet.

Check out the video...

I was super excited about Victoria Beckham collaborating with Target!!! The collection is very well made and super affordable for the everyday person. I did manage to get a few pieces that I really wanted. 

I went out and bought the mint lace dress, the trousers and bumble bee button up. A lot of the pieces were going very quickly, so I'm not sure what is left online or in your local Target. I think it's something worth checking out!! In my photos I paired the trousers and button up with some pieces from the Cabi spring collection. When I buy items I tend to think about pieces that I already own and think about how I can possibly style things together. Otherwise I usually don't buy it, because I don't like to have things randomly sitting in my closet forever. But, that's just me. That is something good to think about though when you are buying something new. Can you wear that piece with something else? If you can't think of anything... it's most likely not the best purchase for you!

What are your favorite pieces for Spring???