Kaaboo 2017

2017 has been a year of a lot of firsts, and as a blogger I have received so many amazing opportunities to experience new things!!! This weekend I went to Kaaboo for the first time and had the best time!! I have never really been to a music festival before, so I was so excited to see what it was all about. For those who have never heard of Kaaboo before... it's is still a pretty new festival in Del Mar California, and there is music, art and all kinds of food!! It went on from Friday to Sunday (Sept. 15th - 17th). I haven't been to really any other big festivals before, so I can't really compare it to anything else, but I do know that I want to attend more festivals in the future!!

I partnered with Kettle Brand helped spread some brand love and enjoyed what the festival had to offer. if you follow me on IG (@glitzandglambytiff) or Snap Chat (@Supa_starT) you were able to get a peek in to how my day went while I was there on Saturday of the event. But don't worry you won't be left out if you weren't able to catch it. ;)

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I was able to bring someone with me, so I brought my friend Christina!!! It was her birthday on Saturday, so it was an unexpected birthday present for her. Pretty cool right! I love being able to include my friends in what I am doing. I'm glad I was able to have her be part of the experience. She was also a big help with taking my photos for me through out the day. We took tons of photos, ate tons of chips and danced the night away during the shows on the main stage. We were able to catch Ice Cube and Pink!!

Image 9-18-17 at 12.17 AM.jpg
Look of the day  Sweatshirt:  Thrilla Seven   Shorts:  Cabi   Combats:  H&M

Look of the day

Sweatshirt: Thrilla Seven

Shorts: Cabi

Combats: H&M

Car goals!!!!   Mercedes Benz

Car goals!!!!  Mercedes Benz

Back pack:  Malia Designs

Back pack: Malia Designs


I loved all of the art instillations and murals that were on display throughout the festival!!! 


Thank you so much Kettle brand for allowing me to join you at Kaaboo this year!!! I seriously had such a great time and hope to be able to come back next year :).


Did you attend Kaaboo this year? what was your favorite part? Who did you see?