Heritage 1933 Beauty Box

If you have seen my previous post, you know I have been talking quite a bit about bath, body and skin care products. Some other products that were sent to me recently is a beauty box from Heritage 1933. I did receive this box on behalf of the team at Curlfluence which is a platform that helps connect women of color with brands. I'm excited that they picked me to be part of this campaign and have the opportunity to try out new products!!


Heritage 1933 is a company that sales beauty products that are great for your body and your hair. I thought it was super cool and interesting that a few of their products have duo functions.

I received... 

*But First, Coffee Coffee Scrub

*Ms. Know it All Whipped body and hair moisturizer

*Purity Clay Mask

*OMG seal and moisturizing oil

The Coffee scrub is very light and makes your skin feel soft and smooth after using it. It is a little messy, so don't be alarmed if you have little black specs all over your shower after use. If you don't like the smell of coffee, then this is most likely not the product for you.

I have used the whipped moisturizer in my hair so far and it gave my scalp a tingling feeling that was very soothing as I brushed my hair up in to a pony tail. The moisturizer is very light and you don't have to use a whole lot to get the job done. I have to try it on my skin next. I think it will be a good combo with the OMG oil. 

The clay mask comes in a powder form, which I was not aware of before opening. I thought I was going to just be able to open it up and use it right away out of the jar. Boy was I wrong!!!! The first time I tried it I put way too much water in, so to make the mask in to a paste not much liquid is needed. Adding in liquid (whether it be water or apple cider vinegar) slowly is the best idea. The mask does dry pretty quickly and leaves the skin feeling nice and smooth. Clay masks are honestly my favorite kind to use. I feel like they work the best for my skin.

The moisturizing oil is pretty thick and can be used in your hair and on your body. I have been using it as body oil and rub it in to the skin fresh out of the shower. Because the oil is pretty thick, you don't need a lot. I like to use body oils and a lotion together, so that my skin is extra moisturized and it doesn't get dry throughout the day.

The products are made with natural ingredients, which is one reason why I was so excited to try them. I am a huge fan of natural products!!! There are so many great brands that are out right now that are there to really help the skin and don't have harsh chemicals. 

Im glad I have been able to learn about new brands and test out different products. Check out Heritage 1933 to see all that they offer and test it out for your self. Thank you Curlfluence again for this opportunity!!!