Lemon Life Social Blogger Bazaar and the Importance of Community

A couple of weeks ago I attended an event here in San Diego called the Blogger Bazaar hosted by Lemon Life Social. It was their first big event and they went all out!!! There was tons to do and see when you walked in I didn't know what to do first. We don't have big events like this in San Diego all of the time, so I was excited to be there and show support.

The purpose of the Blogger Bazaar was to bring bloggers and boss babes together to mix mingle get to know each other. But also if you just like shopping and hanging out meeting new people it was totally open for that as well!!

Often times in the blogger and influencer community it gets a little catty and girls feel like they have to compete and tear each other apart, but honestly it shouldn't be that way!!! There is plenty of talent and creativity out there and so much opportunity to create what it is that you really want!! There is room for everyone!!!


There were plenty of walls to pose and take photos in front of!!! The decor and set ups were all so IG worthy it was a true bloggers playground for sure!!

Some of the vendors included... 

Naked Cake Farm, which is local here in San Diego and their cakes are sooo good!! I've had their cake at several events now and I have not been disappointed. There are gluten free and allergy friendly options available as well, which is awesome for everyone!!

Pacific Organic Pops is based in the Orange County area and it was my first time having one of their popsicles, and it was Diary Free (a big win in my book)!!! I don't eat anything with Dairy, so I am always excited when I try a new kind of ice cream or dessert with out the cow!! Anyway this fudge pop was like no other that I have had before, because there were brownie bites inside (Whhhhaaattt!!). It was really good!! I did make a big mess while eating it, but have no regrets!!


There were so many pieces that made this event a huge success!!

This event wasn't just about the food, drinks and shopping. There was a panel of bloggers that shared their experience about being in the industry and answered questions that anyone in the audience had. They touched on pitching to brands, Instagram, having your own website and many other things that people starting out should be aware of.

There is a lot that goes in to being a blogger!! It is not just about pretty pictures, free stuff, and traveling. There is a lot behind the scenes that goes on and it is a business! It often doesn't feel like work, but it can be overwhelming if you are not prepared!! 

Another thing that I wanted to add in this post, is how important it is to be part of a community and make friends!! Me personally I feel like attending events is so important as a blogger. I have been able to make personal connections with brand owners and also with other bloggers in my area. We all support each other and see each other at almost all of the same events, which makes it that much more fun. Making connections outside of being on IG or behind a computer will not only help you grow that much more, but it makes you memorable! If you are someone that is just getting in to this industry that is something that you should keep in mind. Don't be afraid!! Step out and be part of the community! It is true I am not going to lie, not everyone is nice (that is their own issue), but there are plenty of bloggers and influencers in the community that are and want to be your friend. I love meeting people, so don't be afraid to come by and say Hi if you see me in the streets. ;)

What I wore!!!!  Boots:  In the Style   Jeans:  Cabi   Top: Monty Bella

What I wore!!!!

Boots: In the Style

Jeans: Cabi

Top: Monty Bella

I am happy that Lemon Life Social put an event like this together!!! I hope that there are more events like this and I can't wait to connect with more of you all out there soon!!

One last thing... What is something that you feel like you struggle with as a blogger or creative? Share it with me and I'd love to chat and give you some encouragement!! We can all help each other in some way, so I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Till next post... ta ta for now!