Forever 21 Denim Event

In August I got the opportunity to host an event at Forever 21 in the UTC mall!!! I was super excited, because I shop at Forever 21 pretty often so its pretty cool to be able to work with a company that I love and buy from. The event was for back to school and was all about Denim! There was a station in the store during the event that had all kind of decorative items where you could come in DIY your life away and have fun with your own personal style and design!! So fun right!!!


Here's a peek at what went on during the event...


There was a photo booth area to take photos


This is where the DIY went down


Here's how I designed my jeans. You know I had to add a little bling!!


There were plenty of snacks and goodies to enjoy!!! The Empanadas from Parana were so good!!!

Forever 21 has several styles of denim to choose from, and they even sale Levi's now in store!!! Say what!!! If you are a denim lover, you should definitely go in and have a look!!


Thank you so much Forever 21 for having me!!! I hope to work with you all more in the future!!