Comic Con San Diego - Her Universe Fashion show 2018

I know I haven't shared much on modeling lately. It's mostly because I haven't really been doing very much as a model in a little while. I haven't  been as focused on modeling, but it's always fun when opportunities come up!! I'm excited to share this show with you all, because it is some thing very different from what I have done before. 

Comic Con San Diego was a few weeks ago and I had the opportunity to be in the Her Universe fashion show. This is the 5th year that they have had this show and it is something that has been getting bigger every year. Geek Chic is in and there is so much talent out there!!! The fashion show is not just a show... it is also a competition where the winning designer wins the chance to create a collection with Hot Topic and will be able to have their designs sold in stores. There are quite a few designers that have entered a few times in a row hoping for the chance to win and it was pretty interesting to see everyone's designs come to life. My Designer was Pheobe Ping, and it was her first time in the Her Universe show. 

The process was pretty cool. She measured me and we did a few fittings to make sure everything was just right. I was able to try everything on finished the day of tech rehearsal.


There was a rehearsal the day before the show and it was the first time that everyone saw each others pieces.

The day of... It was a long one!! 

Hair and make up happened first. Then there was judging and photos before the fashion show actually started. There was a panel of judges that asked the designers questions about the design and what inspired their look. they looked up close and personal at the details and I kind of felt like I was on Project Runway. I didn't have to really say anything, but just stand and turn around so they could see the details. I know Pheobe was nervous, but I thought she did a great job. After the judging it was dinner time and then we waited for the show to start. There was a line of people outside of the ballroom waiting to get in.


Behind the stage...

Coolest glasses ever!!! But full disclosure they were so hard to see out of. I did my thing though and nobody knew I could barely see.


Here is my look!! It was inspired by Eve from Wall-E and it was cool to know that there are so many people that are big fans of her character. There were a lot of people who came up to us after the show for photos and to see the design up close. The design is 2 pieces (Jump suit and a cape). Pheobe was inspired by fashion runway and wanted to make something that could be worn off of the runway in real life. It was such a comfortable piece to wear!! I made it through the day with out getting dirty!!! Major win in my book, because I am so terrified to wear all white on a regular day.


It's time for the show to start!!!!


You can see the whole show below!!!!

This was such a cool look!!! inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Backstage fun...


Me on the runway...

We were featured on Disney Style as one of their favorite looks from the show

Check it out >>>> here  

Photo Credit: Mark Edwards


After the show was over... I was so tired!! Runway shows really take a lot to be in, but I had so much fun!!!


Thank you so much Pheobe for asking me to be your model for Her Universe this year!!! I think you have an amazing future as a designer!! You are so talented and I can't wait to see what you create next. Her Universe 2019??? We will see!!! I had fun being on a runway again!! It's been a minuet.

Until next runway... See ya!!