My Favorite Moisturizer: The Ingredients and Skin Benefits

This post is going to be a brief one…

If you have been following me here or on social media for a while, then you know I love skin care!! I try my very best to stay consistent and keep up a routine that works best for me. It is not always perfect and I do not have perfect skin, but I have found and have been introduced to some amazing brands. Skin Resource MD is one of those brands that I was introduced to in the past couple of years and their products are some of my go to in my weekly routine. The Baobab Skin Correction Facial Cream is something that I use in both my day and night time routine, and It is seriously one of the best moisturizers that I have ever tried!!! If you are looking for a new moisturizer, then I highly recommend this one.

Skin Resource was kind enough to send me info about the Baobab Oil and the skin benefits to share with you. Check out the information below.

Baobab oil journey infographic2.jpeg
Baobab Health Benefits Infographic_r2-01.jpg

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What are your go to skin care brands and products?