Rose Gold City Shoot

I think it has been a little while since I have shared a photo shoot with y’all, so I’m excited to share this one!! I have been able to work with several local designers and it is always so much fun to connect and help them get out there in any way that I can, and of course I love sharing them here with you all. I have quite a few people ask me often how I am able to work with so many people in the industry and one way is by networking and staying connected with friends in my local area. I will often be referred to friends of friends, and the chain just keeps being connected in that way. Don’t be afraid to get out there and meet people in your local market!!! You never know where your name may end up and who will be interested in working or collaborating with you. Brands and artists are always on the look out for amazing people just like you to work with, so don’t be afraid to see what is out there and see how you can get more work.

Ok, so on to the photo shoot!! I was connected to Rose Gold by a friend and was asked to model. of course I said yes!!! Rose Gold is a street brand here in San Diego that is focused on building up the black community. Doing it for the culture!!! We are all Queens and Kings, and this brand embodies that through their work. GPC Media, who I just met during the shoot, took all of the photos and a few of the guys from the group were part of the shoot as well. They were a lot of fun to work with and do amazing work, so you should definitely check them out. If you need photo or video done… GPC Media is a great group to look up and work with.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot…


Rose Gold City Gang


The Girls!!!

Kenzie and Adanna


@the_kid_dc is actually part of the GPC group, but he would make a great model too… right???


This shoot was actually shot in the summer time on a super hot day, but we survived!!! I have to thank the team for having me and I hope that we can work together again on another project!! :)

If you are out there wanting to work in the fashion industry in anyway, but need help getting started… hit me up and ask me anything. I am always happy to give advice or help in any way that I can. I can also share more informational posts as well. Anything that you want to know let me know and I will be sure to share when I can.

Till next time… bye for now ;)