Top 100 Black Fashion Bloggers

One thing that I love about being a blogger, is being recognized by other people and platforms for the work that I have put in. It always feels good to be appreciated by others in the industry. If you are a blogger or have a personal small business you know what I mean. It is hard putting yourself out there and work on some thing that you are truly passionate about not knowing if anyone is even paying attention or even likes what you are doing. But, you keep going any way!!!

I’m so happy to be acknowledge in the top 100 Black Fashion Bloggers on Feed Spot!!!! I can’t thank them enough for including me!!!!

If you have never heard of feed spot before, it is a platform where you can find blogs and articles on pretty much everything that you can think of!! You can subscribe and have all of your favorite blogs and websites newest articles sent straight to your email inbox. It’s pretty cool if you ask me. You have to check it out, especially if you love checking out certain blogs and other news outlets.


Click >>> Here to see the rest of the list and help support other women of color in Fashion!!!

Thank you so much Feed Spot for including me!!!!