Wonderspaces San Diego 2019

Art is something that I love, and being able to experience it in different ways is always fun to see and share.

I had a chance to go to Wonderspaces this year in San Diego during the media preview night (Thank you so much for the invite!!) back in June for their in common exhibit. I love how every year Wonderspaces brings in different artists for a unique experience that you don’t normally get at any regular museum. You get to touch, hear and see different pieces all in one place. It is definitely one of a kind and is in San Diego until September 1st, so you should definitely try to make it if you can.

Here is a peek below at some of what I saw and what my thoughts were about this years experience.

photo and quote courtesy of wonderspaces.com

photo and quote courtesy of wonderspaces.com

Find out more about the artists and exhibit info >>>> Here

This year was my second Wonderspaces experience, and I feel like a lot of the rooms were pretty dark compared to the year before. There were also more VR installations this time around, which I thought was pretty cool. I didn’t get to experience any of the VR this time, because I had to get to another event during the night I attended. To me the rooms weren’t that easy to get photos in, which I mean is not necessarily a bad thing, but I know that a lot of people like to document their experiences in some way. I think that might be something that is disappointing for some. I don’t know… Tell me your thoughts if you went this year. Should we all just go to enjoy the art and not worry about getting photos?

EXPERIMENT 2.C Dan Goods & David Delgado

EXPERIMENT 2.C Dan Goods & David Delgado

Photos above and below

RAINBOW ROOMS Pierre le Riche

Rainbow Rooms was my favorite spot and I think the most popular room of the whole exhibit!! The amount of detail and work that went in to attaching all of the yarn together to make it look like different rooms in a house… Just Wow!!! That is honestly the best way that I can describe it. It was a fun and colorful room to walk through.



This was a fun one!!! You walk in to the booth like you are going to confess your sins and write down a secret or really whatever you want. There were some posted on the outside of the booth and they were really interesting to read.



I had a good time this year overall, but I feel like they should bring more interactive exhibits in for next year. I didn’t feel like this year was as kid friendly as the previous years before. I don’t have kids personally myself, but I know that a lot of families like to go together. I didn’t see much for children this time. That’s my honest opinion. What did you think about this years exhibit?