Brunch and Saturday Morning Cocktails at Hundred Proof


I had the opportunity recently to try out the brunch menu at Hundred Proof and let me tell you… it was soooo good!!! I have been wanting to go to Hundred Proof since they first opened, so I was excited to finally be able to go!!!

They recently had a new beverage director come on board Stephen Kurpinsky, who has created new drinks featured for brunch on the menu that are based on Saturday morning breakfast cereals and cartoons (shown above).

*Fruit Loops Ramos Fizz

*Rice Tikis ( this one was my favorite!! it’s like Vacation in a glass!!)

*Crunch Berry Clover Club

*Cinnamon toast punch

The flavor combos in all of the drinks definitely make you think of your favorite cereals as a kid and are so unique. Stephen is a genius!!! How did he do it??


Moving on to the food!!! I came in super hungry and ready to throw down!! I heard that the Old Fashioned Donut was a must, so I tried that as well as the PEACHES 'N CREAM PANCAKES, GRILLED SHRIMP TOAST, CHILAQUILES VERDE, and FRENCH TOAST W/ FRIED CHICKEN.

Usually you hear most brunch or breakfast places serving chicken and waffles, but Hundred Proof decided to switch it up and bring in French Toast and Chicken. Y’allllll it was so good!! If you go and have brunch it is must try!! The seasoning of the chicken mixed with the sweetness of the french toast is a winning combo. (seen below)

Everything was packed with so much flavor and I was dancing in my seat with every bite!!


The Old Fashioned Donut. It’s Huge!!!


I have to thank Hundred Proof for an amazing brunch!! If you are visiting San Diego and looking for a great place to try… this is a place that should be added to your list.

Let me know if you go and what you ordered. :)