Lemon Life Social presents : Gerardo's Dinner


A couple of weekends ago I attended Lemon Life Social’s dinner event… Gerardo’s Dinner!!! If you are not familiar with Lemon Life Social they are a newer company that does event planning as well as social media management and so much more. They have super unique and thoughtfully planned out events that I am always excited to attend! If you are in the So Cal area you should definitely follow them and stay in the know to see what’s next.


This event was pretty small… only about 30 people were in attendance, so there was plenty of opportunity to mix and mingle with everyone!! Sometimes going to huge events can be a little overwhelming because there are so many people. You can never talk to everyone at bigger events, so I love attending smaller more intimate ones.


When everyone walked in it began with cocktail hour with drinks by Snake Oil Cocktails and there was also this super delicious Guacamole served with chips that was amazing!!! I definitely came ready to eat, so I was excited to dig in to everything!! During this time there was also plenty of time to take photos, so you already know a mini photo shoot went down.


The style and design of the event was by Laurel Street Events, and the venue was The Sand Box. The set up looked so nice and every one did such a great job putting it together. You can tell that they took their time with all of the little details.

When I was getting ready for this event and started thinking about what I wanted to wear… I knew a lot of the girls going were going to be wearing long gowns and dresses. So me being me I always want to be different and not do the norm. That’s just how I roll!! I saw this jumpsuit and thought it would be perfect!!! The color and style is what really drew me in, because I don’t typically wear super bright colors. I always go for simple, but always add on the glam. Accessories always brings a look together!

Jumpsuit: In the style

Shoes: Betsy Johnson (bought them at Ross)

Earrings: H&M

Belt: Amazon

Necklace: Lady Cromer Jewelry

Speaking of accessories… My necklace was custom made by Lady Cromer Jewelry. I was super excited to work on this piece with her. April is so amazing at what she does!! She has a great variety of pieces that are very simple, but also does custom as well. If you are looking for some thing unique and special you should look her up and check her out!!

Photo Credit: Sofia Ann Photography


Ok Back to Dinner!!! After Cocktails and photos it was time to sit down and eat. There were 4 courses and then dessert (which is always my favorite part of any meal!!). The first course was a deconstructed Street Corn, there was Sopas and everything was Mexican inspired!!! Dessert was a Churro Sandwich, but I just got churros ** No ice cream for me**. I quit eating dairy, so I avoid it as much as possible!! Everything was really good and was packed with so much flavor (I really sound like a food critique some times). I loved the variety and the presentation!! You can check out my Vlog below to see some more of the details and all of the fun during the dinner!!

Food was prepared and served by Gerardo of Provecho!

I have been able to make so many great friends by just going out and attending events!!! It’s always great to see everyone!! I met Mariah just recently at one of her events and she has only been in SD for a few months, so I was so happy to hang out and chat with her during dinner! Kim and Ruby (Founders of Lemon Life Social) have always been so nice and welcoming and I am happy to have them as my friends in this community!! <3





This was another great event!!! I am always excited to bring you all along for the fun! Stay tuned, because I have no clue what’s next… just know it’s going to be an amazing time!! ;)