Designer Spotlight: Terese Sydonna

One thing that I love about being in the fashion industry is connecting with new and emerging designers. There is so much talent out there and I get excited when I have the opportunity to share them with you all! So, to wrap up all of my New York posts I am sharing design line Terese Sydonna.

I met Terese through Instagram and my friend Kali. It was perfect timing, since I was getting ready to head to New York (which is where she is based). Myself and Terese were able to meet up the first day that I arrived. I’m happy that we had the chance to meet in person. I loved seeing her pieces!! I picked out a look, styled it and took some photos so I could share with you all (see below). I would describe her line as professional chic with an edge. There are some subtle pieces as well as bold fun prints. The fabrics are very comfortable and the pieces are something that you can transform from the office, to going out on the town. It is definitely a line that will help you to stand out from the crowd, which is what I am all about. I love to make a statement when I walk in to a room!!


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I asked Terese a few questions to get to know her brand a little bit better. Check out what she shared with me below.

TW: Can you share a brief description of your brand?

TS: Terese Sydonna is a New York-based contemporary women's ready to wear apparel & men's accessories brand designed for the superhero in all of us proudly made in New York. 

TW: Who is your ideal Woman? 

TS: My ideal woman is a fierce sophisticated go-getter. She's a woman comfortable in her own skin. She travels around the globe, kills it in the boardroom and always knows how to make an entrance while still being comfortable and chic. (We all want to be her!!! Right!!)

TW: What are you currently working on right now?

TS: Right now I'm developing a few mini collections. I want to continuously introduce new pieces, new prints and offer customer favorites in more options. I don't want to design only for two seasons. Our lives are constantly changing and our wardrobe must compliment these changes at all times. (I totally agree, change is always happening in our lives and our clothes should be able to change right along with it. That’s what makes getting dressed day to day fun.)

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Terese Sydonna

Jacket: Macys Backstage

Booties: Nasty Gal

Bodysuit: Commando

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I am excited to see what Terese has coming up next, and of course share with you all!! She has a sample sale going on (hurry before everything is gone) and new pieces on the way!!! Keep a look out on

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