Hello March


Since I started this Blog site at the end of February, I feel like I have been trying to play catch up... But I am Finally up to date and I am ready to move on and say Hello March!!! I did a little video update on what I have going on, as far as this Blog, Runway shows, New Videos and my Fit Challenge of the Month.

At the beginning of this year I started trying different ways to stay healthy and fit and it has been fun. I like challenging my self to stay in shape and learn along the way about having better health. I started sharing things before on how I stay healthy and Fit and will continue to do that here.

Another new thing that I am going to start sharing, is more about modeling (tips, tricks, fun facts... etc). I Originally started Blogging to share my experience and I want to get back to that!!

Check out my video...


Talk to you all soon :)