FWSD Spring Showcase at Harrah's - Recap


Over the Weekend I was a model in the FWSD ( Fashion Week San Diego) Spring Showcase at Harrah's, and it was a lot of fun!!! In the showcase I wore a dress from one of the New designers from this year. Fashion Week San Diego every year has a Showcase that shows and talks about the designers that will be showing their Clothing Lines at this coming year's Fall shows. The Showcase is also the Kickoff of the new season of events here in San Diego. There were a lot of designers that I didn't know and had the opportunity to meet them and see some of their designs. It was a great opportunity to network, and I am excited about seeing more work from them!!!

here are some highlights from the night...



During Hair and Make up....


The Look that I wore on the Runway that night...

Designer: TaSanni

Her designs are African inspired with a Modern Twist!!!

Check out her line!!! www.tasanni.com



This Girl Right here is The Dynamite Doll (Annaiah Jones) and her Designs are Dynamite Doll Designs!!!!

We have actually been friends for a while and I'm so happy she is showing her line this year!!! Go Girl!!!

Her designs are fun and flirty!!!!

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @thedynamitedoll



Its always fun Running in to Friends and fellow Models at events!!! This is Teagan!!! She is an amazing Plus Size Model and she is taking the Modeling world by storm!!

Follow her @teaganbrooke (Instagram and Twitter)



Waiakea Water is one of the Sponsers this year and they are having a contest where they are giving away tickets to the shows in October and several months supply of water!!!!






GFash is an accessory Line that makes Custom Pieces, that are Fabulous!!!

Check them out!!! www.Gfashnow.com



Responsive Textiles is a really interesting brand that was in Fashion Week last year and she knits and makes everything by hand! I thought that was amazing, she is so talented!!!

Check her out!!! Responsivetextiles.com

For more information on the shows and events... Check out Fashion Week San Diego!!!

See you on the Runway!!!!