Model 101: Modeling Takes Work


Being a Model, I feel like a lot of people think that Modeling is easy and there isn't that much work involved. Well, that is far from true!!! Being a model takes work!! Modeling Takes Work!!!! Nothing happens over Night, or is handed to anyone (For the most part). For me the hardest part has been finding representation!!! But, I have learned different ways to get myself out there and get noticed through Social Media and in my city. I have been able to get different opportunities to do shoots, shows, and different events... However I am always learning and looking for more.

In this 2 Part Video I touch on a little bit how much Work is really involved and a couple of things to think about when first starting out as an Aspiring Model.

I really hope that I help other models out there!!! Don't give up and make your dreams reality!!!

Look out for more Videos and Tips coming soon :)

Remember that everything Takes Work to get there!!