In the beginning of this year I wanted to challenge myself with staying fit and try new things that I haven't done before. At the end of February beginning of March I started Yoga!!! One of my friends had text me one day at the end of February and said that we should do Yoga and there was a special going on for unlimited classes for a Month at Core Power Yoga. Yoga was something that I had wanted to do for a while, so it was the perfect opportunity to start!! So, Yoga has been my Fitness Challenge of the Month, and it has been a challenge of both my outer strength and inner strength!! Balancing and holding a pose is harder than you think when you feel like you are distracted by outer influences in your head. I feel like I have been struggling lately with outside distractions in my life getting in to my head and keeping me from what I really want to accomplish. I have been trying to Balance and juggle 2 jobs and fulfill a dream of mine all at the same time, and honestly it has been the toughest thing ever for me to do.

I feel like I have fallen into a slight Depression, because I haven't been motivated to really go after what I truly love... I have been mentally, physically and emotionally drained, and all I want to do is sleep. Since I started taking yoga I fell like I have allowed my self to just be in that present moment while I am there, and I am trying to work on myself outside of all of that.

I have allowed Stress to get the best of me, and have lashed out in anger towards some people, just because I haven't really been sure how to handle everything that has come my way. I really Love being a Model, but in the past couple of years I have felt like my dream is being dragged down by me trying to take on to many things at once and therefore my dream is Suffering.

Yoga has been helping me this month and I want to continue to work on ME!!!