Model 101: Networking and Building a Portfolio


Soooo Guess what... I have a new video for my Model Series!!! This one is all about the basics of Networking and Building A Portfolio. Everything that I talk about as a Model is my personal opinion and how I feel about certain situations and things in the industry. I personally feel like Networking and having a presence in the Fashion Industry, especially in your own city (or where ever you decide to start) helps you to stand out and be known. The more people who know you, the more opportunities that you are often open to.

A lot of Models ask me how I have been able to do so many different projects, and honestly pretty much everything that I have done has been because of someone I know, or because of someone who knows me.

When building a portfolio, there is no "Right" or "Wrong" way to put it together... But, I feel like there should be a variety of looks and only Good Quality photos should be used!!!


Check out my Video for more info and see what I have to say about Networking and Building a Portfolio

More Videos will be coming soon!! :)