Hello April!


Hello April! Hello Spring Time!!! This month marks the one month that I have decided to Relaunch my Blog. I want to thank everyone who has come by to check out my blog site, Follow my Instagram (@Supa_starT), Follow me on Youtube... The list can go on and on. I love being a model and a blogger and I love the support that I have been getting from everyone lately!! I can't thank you enough! For April I want to continue to be consistent with my posts, and come up with fun new content to share. I want to keep growing and learning. I love Blogging, it has been a fun journey for me, and I want to continue to get better at it!!

I usually have a Fitness challenge of the month, but this month I am continuing on my Yoga journey!!! I had posted last month in March that Yoga is something new that I started and I really like how it makes me feel and I want to keep going. I like challenging myself to be more physically fit and to stay healthy. I want to share more posts about that as well. Look out for that!! ;)

Here's a little video about some of my goals for the month of April...

Have a Great Weekend!!! Happy Easter and Happy April!!!