So for me lately, I have been more selective on who I work with and which events I have been deciding to do. Over the past year I have felt like I have been everywhere all over the place in San Diego, and I just can't do it anymore. I love being a Model, but I can't be everywhere and do everything all the time and feel like I am getting nowhere and not benefiting from the "work" (I digress)... Anyway Noia is a brand that I have always loved working with, and we help each other out in anyway we can. I love working with her and the team!!!! A couple of weeks ago I did a fashion segment showcasing Noia, which is a Swimwear line, and the segment was on CBS San Diego!!! This week (Friday) I am walking in a runway show for the lines NEW collection, which I am excited about!! I love the Swimwear! It's always on trend, but has it's own style!!!

The Fashion Show is April 10th and will be at the Hard Rock Hotel on the Roof Top in Downtown San Diego.

Link for more info and Ticket info Here

It will be a good time!!! You should come out and support Local talent!!!!!


IMG_4484 At the taping for CBS Fashion Segment



See you on The Runway!!!!