Friends are like Family


One thing that you will see while following me on my blog, is that I love my Friends and I do have a group of Friends that are like Family!!!! The Crew (which is what we are called) (Jennifer, Shontell, Anastasia, and Jazzmyne) we have been together since Middle school and have been in each others lives for over 10 years!!! You will learn more about them in other posts soon. We are getting older now some of us are starting Families, but we try to get together for the important milestones (Birthday's, Weddings, Babies...), and there have been 2 weddings and 1 baby so far. Last weekend we celebrated Jennifer's Daughter's First Birthday!!! Can't believe it has been a Year already, I remember when Jen told everyone that she was Pregnant... Man time flies!!!!

Anyway Jennifer had a small family get together for Royce ( Which is her daughter), and it was Minnie Theme!!!  I'm in Love with Mickey and Minnie, so I thought that was super cute!!! Jennifer has become quite the crafty lady... Her mom, herself and a couple of friends help put all of the decorations and all of the Minnie themed favors together!


The whole crew wasn't able to be there, but it was fun being able to hang out with everyone who was able to come. I've been working so much lately, that I haven't been keeping up with everyone, so it's good to have sometime to catch up!!!


Here are some photos from the day...






How Cute!!! The Whole fam got tshirts made with Mickey or Minnie and who they were (Mom, Dad, Gandma, Grandpa)



FullSizeRender_1 Some of the Crew!!! Elizabeth, Me, Jennifer and Anastasia (Stasi)

IMG_4555 Everyone got a pair of Ears to take home with them!!!

It was fun Saturday being able to spend time everyone... have a Saturday off (which doesn't happen all the time)... and just time to relax and enjoy myself!!!


Crew mini Vacay should be coming up soon ... soooo you will see more about the Crew in upcoming posts (Later) :)

Have a great Weekend!!! :)