Flaunt Fashion Series - Fashion Week San Diego


So, I know I have done a couple of posts on Fashion Week San Diego before, but I don't think I have really talked about much yet on my Blog since the Re-Launch!!!! So here we go!!! Fashion Week San Diego(FWSD), Which is more like Fashion year ( There are events all year long), I modeled for a couple of events last year and I am part of it this year as well! They Showcase local designers and have a BIG fashion Week in October!!! In the months before that there are smaller events that happen where you get to Meet one of the designers. The Flaunt Fashion Series is one of the events that FWSD and there as an event this past week that I was able to attend!!! I missed most of the show, but was able to catch the tail end and mix and mingle with everyone after!! I am all about networking and hanging out at event, so I'm glad I was able to go. :)

The show was at the W Hotel in Downtown in San Diego on the Roof top...

IMG_4601 Had to Change the Hair up!! (Yes I wear Wigs... for those who don't know :)) IMG_4605 Kelly!!!! IMG_4611 me with designer of TaSanni... I wore one of her designs in the Spring Showcase and she gave me a thank you gift that I will post about soon!! :)

IMG_4624 Erika DelaCruz!!! The Host of the Show. She is a lot of fun to hang out with!!

IMG_4638 Teagan, Tatiana, and Desiger of A'doreus

IMG_4628 There was a great Mirror for Selfies on the way down the stairs...

IMG_4639 My Look of the Night... Jean Jacket: Target Underdress: H&M Top Dress: 10 Dollar Mall Shoe: My little Sister's Closet (It's cool to have sisters that wear the same size shoe)

More events coming soon!!!