How I Stay Healthy and Fit


It is true that I am Naturally thin, but I do workout and I like being Healthy!!! This year I have stayed more consistent with my workouts and I have had people ask me what I do, so I thought it would be fun to share How I Stay Healthy and Fit. In the beginning of 2015 I set a personal goal to try different ways of staying healthy and try different fun ways to stay Fit and build stronger muscles. So far I have been doing pretty well!!! I did a cleanse with one of my sisters in Jan., Did a No Sugar Challenge in Feb., Started Yoga in March, and now in April I decided to continue Yoga!!

I am Not a Gym Rat. I really don't like going to the Gym all of the time. When I workout I like a variety of activities!!! I go hiking, Run stairs, Take classes (like Yoga and Dance) and I also do different workouts at Home. For me having options and Variety makes working out more fun and not feel like a chore. Everyone has a different way that they like to workout, and that is ok!! :) My reason for working out is to stay Toned!! I use to be afraid of lifting, but in the past 1 or 2 years I have changed my mind. Lifting weights is good for women and will not make you look like a "Man" (a lot of women are afraid of that).

Fitlife When I work out at home... I do all different exercises and try to target all parts of my body (my Core, Arms and Buns for the most part)

Fitlife4 **Don't forget to stretch!!!**

Not only do I workout, but what I eat also helps me to stay fit. You can't really do one with out the other... you will not get results from working out if your Diet sucks (Just Saying). I don't eat out all of the time, I stay away from the Drive Thru and eat meals at home. I do go out to eat every once in a while (maybe a few times a month), but not that often. I do love sweets, and I eat them often (I'm not gunna Lie), but I don't sit and eat a whole thing of cookies by myself. I am not a big meat eater (Believe it or not) I only eat lean meats for the most part... Chicken and Fish and I will eat a burger every once in awhile. Salads are Amazing!!! I make sure to have some type of fruit or vegetable with at least 2 of my meals (I'm not perfect, but I do make an effort). Smoothies are a huge part of my diet and I drink one almost everyday. I make them myself at home and add both Fruit and Vegetables!!! They're so good and it helps me to get my fruit and veggies in for the day.

Fitlife2 One of my favorite smoothies right now to have sometimes is Peanut Butter Banana!!! It's so good :)

I am not perfect, but I am continuing to be the best fit and healthy ME!! :)



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How do you stay Healthy and Fit??