What's in My Model Bag


Soooo.... I have a new Video for my Model Series and I am Showing What's In My Model Bag!!! I Feel like there are a lot of models that don't really know what to put in their bags when they are booked for a job. My tip is just to be prepared for everything. Make sure you feel comfortable with where you are at and know that you will be on set (or working on what ever job) for a couple hours or more.

Every job is different and sometimes you will not need all of the same things for everything that you book, but it is good to have some basics.

-A Makeup Bag

-Undergarments (Different Kinds of Bras, Thongs, Boy shorts)

-Personal tools (Tampons, Panty Liners, Contact Solution, etc..)


-Whatever else you think is relevant for that day... Bring IT!!!


Here's a video where I talk about what I put in my Model Bag...

Hope this helps!! :) As always you can ask me questions about whatever it is you may need.

Is there anything you have to have in your Model Bag or Bag on the Go??