C-Pardo Fashion Presentation


On Saturday night I went to a fashion show at La Bodega Art Gallery. The show was for C-Pardo designs and I was excited to see the pieces!!! I heard great things!!! The Designer Carolyn is also an artist, and she had some of her art displayed in the Gallery. It is different going to a fashion show just to watch sometimes, because everyone expects me to be modeling at Every show. But, I love going to shows just to watch and get to be on the other side of things every once in a while.

IMG_4940 Nikki!!! It was so good to see her. She is a Model and Amazing Photographer, and it was fun hanging out with her at the show



IMG_4972 One of Carolyn's art pieces


Carolyn (The designer) and I after the show, she is really sweet!!

The Fashion show was more of a Fashion Presentation, because there wasn't a traditional runway, which was great!!!! There was more opportunity to be able to look at the designs and see the details. The models came out 2 different times and stood in the middle part of the Gallery for everyone to look at them and take photos of the pieces.




I really enjoyed the show the line was very Urban Chic!! I saw a lot of pieces that could be mixed and matched together and everything was very well made. I could see it fitting in my closet. I don't have a "Specific Style"... My style changes constantly and I love wearing things that are different and unexpected.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show...

IMG_4947 These Fringe Pants are everything!!! IMG_4964

IMG_4960 I am a Huge Fan of Lace and really like the detail in this look IMG_4967


There were so many great things about the line and I can't believe that this is Carolyn's First collection. She is on her way!!!

Check out her Art and learn more about the C-Pardo collection at C-pardo.com