Kentucky Derby Fashion


On Tuesday this week I was a model in a fashion segment on Fox 5 with stylist Dean Hall, who talked about Kentucky Derby Fashion!!! He talked about fashion trends for both Men and Women and what is Hot this Season. We don't live in Kentucky, so we can't go to the actual Derby, but there are different events around town that are celebrating it in fun ways. It was a Hot day on set!!! We have been having a Heat wave all week, so it was pretty hot!!! We were trying not to Melt and Burn! I loved the dress that I got to wear for the segment. It was from Pretty Seven Boutique and they are located in Downtown San Diego.

Here's a look at what I wore and some behind the scenes fun...






Arriving in Style!!! How would you show up to the Derby?? IMG_5003

IMG_5009 There was a Horse!!!

It was a Hot day, but still a fun Fashion Segment :)