Neoprene Fashion


On Tuesday I was in a fashion segment that talked all about Neoprene Fashion!!!! Judy Figueroa, Owner of Shimmer, talked about different looks and ways to wear clothing that has Neoprene in it. Most people know that Neoprene material is usually used for wetsuits and water sport wear, but it also popular in a lot of fashion right now!!! My look was a more dressed up look, and had a lot of bright colors!!!! Definitely 80s inspired!!!!

Here's the video clip from the segment

CW San Diego




My Look: This whole Look can be found at Shimmer!!!!

unnamed-7 All of the models with Judy!!! There was another segment after ours that had a cool looking car in it. We had to jump in and get a quick photo!!!

unnamed-9 A closer look at the fabric. The material has a great stretch to it and is really comfortable!!!

What do you think about Neoprene Fashion??