Model 101: Runway


As a model there are different markets and fields to fit in to.... one of those fields is Runway!!! If you decided to pursue that side, starting can be pretty scary... I was super nervous walking in my first Big runway show, but it is all about practice and being Confident!! Runway is my Favorite part about being a model!!! I feel alive and like I turn into a different person when I am out there.

I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I have learned on the runway and just share how to have the right attitude! Being a Runway model is all about presenting a product and making the consumer want to buy what you are wearing.

Check out this video!!! I will tell you all you need to know!!!

I give a couple of walking examples also :)


Need more advice??? Don't hesitate to ask :)...

I really want to help other models out there be confident and know that you can have an amazing career if you choose!!

Be Fierce and Fabulous!!!!

I want to add other videos soon on different kinds of Walks, posing, and Dos and Don'ts...

Do you Love Runway??? Let me know.