Neocell Product Review - Biotin Bursts/Keratin Hair Volumizer


So.... A couple of months ago I was sent a couple of products to try by Neocell. I tried the Biotin Bursts and Keratin Hair Volumizer. I am not a big person on taking vitamins often, but I was interested to see what these products would do for me for at least a month.


Biotin Bursts- I'm sure a lot of you take Biotin in Pill form, but the Biotin Bursts are chewable!!! For me that makes taking vitamins a lot more appealing, and at the same time they taste really good!!!! Win Win Win!!!! The Biotin bursts come in these small little individual rectangles, they kind of remind me of Mamba (You know the soft candy that comes in different flavors), and you just take 1 a day. Biotin is great for healthy skin, hair and nails!!! I have noticed a change happening in my skin. I have been taking better care of my skin lately, so I'm sure that helps too... but I feel like my skin has gotten a lot brighter and is a lot softer. I would consider taking the Biotin Bursts again.

IMG_5725 Here is my face before and after taking the Biotin Bursts!!! Sorry about the lighting... I took the photos in the same room, but I guess the lighting changed from one month to the next. There's not a dramatic difference to me, but my skin does look a little brighter and my dark spots are disappearing.


Keratin Hair Volumizer- I know that there are all these different hair pills out right now, so I was curious about taking the Keratin Hair Volumizer, because I am currently growing out my hair and want it to be more healthy again!! Over the past year I have had my hair cut and colored all kind of different colors, bleached a couple of times, and it's just been really damaged over time. The Hair Volumizer comes in capsule form and you are suppose to take 2 twice a day. I am not a person who is use to taking pills, so twice a day was a lot for me... I only took 2 once a day, and I still feel like I seen a change in my hair!! My color has pretty much grown all of the way out and, I see my new growth is thicker, but really soft. I feel like the Keratin Hair Volumizer really promotes growth and helps hair to grow out stronger! I will see what happens to my hair after I cut off the last bit of color!!! If you are looking for your hair to grow more strong and healthy, I would recommend that you try out Keratin Hair Volumizer and see how it works for you!!! IMG_5721 Here's my hair before Keratin Hair Volumizer IMG_5722 Here's my hair after a Month of Keratin Hair Volumizer (I can tell how much my hair has grown by where the color is... my hair tends to grow faster in the front than on the sides)


Keratin Hair Volumizer_LabelFINAL

Thank you Neocell for allowing me to try your products!!! They have all different products for health and beauty that you should check out, especially if you are looking for something more natural and healthy!!

Neocell products can be found at you local GNC, Vitamin World and Whole Foods (Check out their website, for more places in your local area)

IMG_5708-e1435962377864 I have been feeling better about my skin, and I want to continue to be a Healthy ME both inside and out!!! :)

Let me know if you try anything by Neocell, and what you think!!!