A Week in Bikinis

This week has been full of a lot of Summer time style and fashion segments!!! I did a Fashion show on Sunday, and wore a Bikini. I was in a Fashion Segment on Monday, and I wore a Bikini. Then, I did a Fashion segment on Thursday, and I wore a Bikini!!! So I'm calling this A Week in Bikinis!! :) Sunday I was a model in San Diego Fashion Week's Summer fashion show at Harrah's!!! The show was part of their Sunday Pool Party at Dive, and after the show we were able to stay and join the fun at the pool!!

IMG_5621 Getting ready for the fashion show


Party Time!!!! IMG_5627 IMG_5657-e1436028474207

I Made some New Friends!!!! #BlackisBeautiful

Early Monday Morning (call time was 5:30am) I was in a fashion segment on Univision with Evelyne. She is the designer for Noia Swimwear, and she talked in the segment about some pieces from her line that are great for this summer!! IMG_5675 Before going on Set IMG_5677-e1436028502688 What I wore IMG_5681 Early morning segments are hard sometimes, but they are so much fun!!! I can't complain!!! :)

On Thursday I was in a segment on Fox 5 (San Diego) with stylist Dean Hall!!! The segment was Huge!!! It was a swimwear segment that included looks for Men, Women and Kids too (All in 1)

Here's a link to the part that I was in... (It was broken up into 2 segments) http://fox5sandiego.com/2015/07/02/swimwear-for-all-body-types-and-budgets/

IMG_5699 In the Green room IMG_5701 What I wore in the segment

It's been a FUN week, and I know there is so much more to come! Summer is Always full of events!!!

What's your favorite Bikini/Swimwear style?