Make Up Class, Beauty Launch and Fashion Shows


Last weekend was full of all kinds of events!!! I love being in events, but I also like to go and support other friends and people that I know and have worked with before. I was a Model for a Makeup Class, I went to a Beauty Launch, I was in a Fashion Show, but also went to go and see a Fashion show. It was a very busy weekend, but so much fun!! On Friday I was a model for a Makeup class at Maquillage The Makeup Academy!!! It is a smaller school, that I think has a lot of great things in store for San Diego!!! The students are really hands on and they have different models and people from outside of the class come in so that they can practice on different skin types and skin tones. It is great for the students, because they will be more prepared for getting makeup jobs and know how to deal with different people. So, I went in as a practice model and my Makeup artist was Avalon Hurley!! She was super sweet, and a lot of fun to work with.

The students did 2 different looks, and we took photos after...

IMG_6240 The makeup station



FullSizeRender - Copy (3) One of my looks

IMG_6246 My makeup artist Avalon and I after the Class

Also on Friday Night I went to a Makeup and Skin Care Launch for Nolie Love (Formally known as Real Natural Beauty)!!! I was super excited, because I was able to test some of the products before the official launch... but there were some new products as well. I am that girl that gets excited about Makeup and I have to try different things out!! I met Denise(Owner) about a year ago, and she introduced me to her line. I love the products, because they are made from natural oils and minerals, but also I love it because she has a variety of shades in the foundation and powders in the Cocoa family (the colors match Perfectly). It is often a struggle to find that perfect matching foundation color as a women of color, and I love the fact that there is a line helping that issue!! I have already from the line a Blush, Mineral Powder, Concealer and lip stick. On Friday I bought a foundation stick, which I love and will be talking all about it in a later post!!!


IMG_6254 The Skin care

IMG_6255 Some of the Makeup

IMG_6262 Jenifer has been following me on Instagram for a little while, and I think we may have met before at another event (Can't remember)... anyway it was good to see her!!! :)

IMG_6264 With Denise!!! The Lady of the Hour!!! I'm super excited for her and the success of her line

IMG_6266 My new foundation stick

On Saturday I was in a fashion show at Grossmont Center with Fashion Week San Diego, which showed looks from different stores in the mall and what they have for Fall (which will be here soon... Maybe) it was really hot outside during this event, and I had to try not to sweat too much. There were also local Bloggers that were given 75$ and assigned a store to shop in and pick out a look for Fall, which they talked about during the show. Also On Saturday night, I went to a showroom opening and fashion show for Local designer Oseas Villatoro. It was funny walking in having people asking me if I was a model for the show (No Not this time). I love being able to support Local designers and friends!!!


My look was from Styles for Less



Clarisa!!! I'm so happy she did this show!


Behind the scenes...


The Blogger Babes!!! Jenna from, Vanessa from and Maria from

IMG_6309 Photo courtesy of Fashion week San Diego Photography by 656 Photography


Designs by Oseas At the Showroom opening IMG_6292 Its always fun to see my model friends in shows!!! Y'all worked it!!

IMG_6298 1 Natalie from The Natalies!!! Check out their Blog

During the Showroom opening at Oseas Studio, there were different ready to wear looks on Sale!!! I picked up a couple of looks and here are a couple on the models!!


It was a very eventful Weekend, and there are so many more events coming up that I am super excited about!!

Be on the look out for other event posts!! :)