Sweaters For Fall


Summer is coming to an end... well kinda, because it is still super HOT here in So Cal!! But, soon enough we will start to have some Fall weather. When I think of Fall, I think about layering and Sweaters. Here in California we still have some warm weather during the day during the Fall months, so usually I am peeling off a layer or 2, and then putting those layers back on towards the end of the day. I just recently went shopping at Kohl's, and picked up a couple of Sweaters that were all on Sale!!! I love me a good sale, and I found some great Sweaters For Fall. I am a fan of Big oversized sweaters that I can pair with Leggings and Skinnys!!! Check out my quick video on how I put a couple of looks together!!!

[x_video_embed type="16:9"][/x_video_embed]

IMG_6346 Sweater: Kohl's Dress: H&M (Divided Basics)

IMG_6345 Jean Jacket: Target

IMG_6344 Sweater: Kohls Leggings: 10 Dollar Mall

IMG_6347 Sweater: Kohls Jeans: Forever 21

I am a big fan of Color!!! It works for me all year around!

What are your favorite looks for Fall??