My Experience At Fashion Week San Diego 2015


Fashion Week San Diego is an exciting event that happens at the beginning of October and has been around since I think 2012. This is my 2nd year being a model in the Runway shows and events. Last year was my very first year and I had audition 2 times before that, but didn't get in, so I was excited to be asked to come back!!! A lot of people don't even know that San Diego has Fashion Week, but yes we do have a Fashion Scene it's not just in LA and SF!!! The Fashion Community continues to grow here in San Diego and a lot of great designers get their start here and continue to grow whether they stay here or expand to other markets!!! IMG_6717

Last years shows were held in Downtown San Diego at the Port Pavilion, but this year it was in La Jolla on Wall St.! Yes they literally Shut Down a street and built up a venue for Fashion Week. For me this year's Fashion Week SD was a better experience compared to last year. Every model has different opinions on how shows, shoots and events go for them... and for me I think this year ran smoother than it did last year. I felt like I was able to interact more with my designers and get to know them. I feel like it is important to get to know the designer and get a feel on what they are looking for during their show. I walked for 4 designers this year (Caroubelle, TaSanni, Scott Rich and Timmithea), and there were 2 days of Main Runway Shows (Friday and Saturday), which I thought worked out so much better for myself ( I didn't have to take so many days off of work).


On Friday I walked for 2 designers... Caroubelle and TaSanni. Hair and Make up prep was pretty cool this year, everyone had the same looks and the artists from Bellus Academy, MU State of Mind and Gila Rut Salon came up with all of the looks! All of the Models also were Spray Tanned by Sunless Beauty Tans. Let me tell you I had never been spray tanned before, so it was an interesting experience. I think I will get it done again one day, because I liked the natural glow that it gave me!!! (There's a first time for everything)


IMG_6671 Hair and Makeup day 1... There was a gold theme for hair all weekend, I think my bathroom is still sparkling in Gold.


First designer I walked for on Night 1 was Caroubelle!!!



IMG_6687 Caroubelle has some amazing Hand Made Jewelry!!!


My 2nd look of the night for TaSanni!!! I didn't to take very many photos in this look :(.

IMG_6706 Me on the Runway Night One in Caroubelle Photo Credit: Leo Malevanchik and The GOODS Magazine

Day 2(Saturday) I walked for Scott Rich and Timmithea!!! I was the Finale look for both designers, and I was so excited because I have only been a Finale look I think only 1 or 2 times in a big show like this, so I was over the Moon excited when they both let me know that I would be their Finale Girl!!!! Last Year at Fashion Week San Diego I was the Finale look of the whole Show, which was super unexpected, but such a great experience. This year I've had some of the best runway moments (in my opinion).


I think We all had way too much fun during Day 2 of the runway shows!!!



Thank you Beaming for keeping me Energized!!! This was my first time going to this Juice Bar. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a Great Juice or Smoothie, so the definitely hit the spot!!!


DeNelle Is the Best!!! She did my makeup Last year during Fashion Week, so I was excited to sit in her Chair again!! <3


Hair and Makeup Day 2.... More Gold in the Hair!!! :)



Backstage.... We are in the back for hours before the show starts...

So there's a lot of time to kill...




Saturday Night there was a doggie portion of the show and there were adoptable Dogs that were shown. This little one was toooo Cute!!


Candy Bee Swim Girls


This is what happens Backstage... if you look at #FWSD or #FWSD15 on Instagram you will see a lot of unseen moments



Like I said we had way too much fun during Day 2...


IMG_6768 Thank you For Letting us Rock our Natural Hair on the Runway!!!! :) <3


My First look for day 2 by Scott Rich IMG_6744

I Love Love Loved this look!!! Thank you Scott for picking me to rock this look!! ** Here's a little secret... I didn't know what this look was going to look like till about a week before the show, when we did a final fitting.

IMG_6775 2nd Look of the night... Timmithea!!! It was cool to see this look come to life!! During our first fitting I had only seen a sketch of what the final look was going to look like. I had the opportunity to shoot for the Look Book and that's when I seen the entire dress, and I loved it!!!

OMG and the Dress is Named after ME!!! How cool is that!! Best thing ever :). Thank you Timmi!!

IMG_6786 After the Timmithea Runway Show!!!

Sunday there was a trunk and award show, where you were able to meet the designers and see the pieces up close and personal that were on the runway. Its always fun to go to this event, because I like seeing the other designers work that I didn't walk in and also I like to get to meet them too!! IMG_6794 Scott Designer of Scott Rich!!!

IMG_6797 Timmithea!!! Designer of Timmithea designs

IMG_6808 Some Looks from Alexandra Marie's Collection

IMG_6820 A piece from GFash. They make so Beautiful Jewelry!!

IMG_6824 Nikki Marie!!! It was so good to meet her! I wore one of her looks during A Fashion Segment!!!

IMG_6827 The Ladies of TaSanni!!!! I wore there first look ever shown in FWSD during the Spring Showcase, so it was cool to be able to walk for them in the big shows!!

IMG_6815 The skirt I wore on the runway

IMG_6863 Thank you FWSD and Naughty Monkey for the new shoes!!!!

IMG_6868 My look Of the Day!!! Necklace and Dress from Miss Match Boutique Boots: I got them at a style swap IMG_6850

It had rained this day, and it started to pour down raining when I took this photo!!!

Over all I had a fun and very memorable experience this year with Fashion Week San Diego!!! Thank you everyone for the continued Love and support through my model journey, there is so much more in store!!!