10 Dollar Mall Shopping Haul


A lot of people often ask me where I get my Shoes some of the different pieces that I often wear out to events and while I am out and about. Most of the time it is from one place... The 10 Dollar Mall!!! I love the 10 Dollar Mall, because it is super affordable and has really stylish pieces to add to my closet. I really love getting shoes from there, because they have different one of a kind styles that I don't really see anywhere else, and I love that!!! People often try to steal the shoes right off of my feet (It happens often... Seriously). I love that there are all different 10 Dollar Mall locations right here in San Diego, but there is also an option to shop online as well!! Check out my Haul and see what I picked up!!!

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My Secret is Out!!!

Where is your Favorite place to shop?